9 to 5 job


Most people don't have any other option than to work 9 hours 5 days a week just to cover basic needs. In most cases, it's not a dream job. But people don't have enough motivation and time to get new skills to get a better job. And we have a huge percentage of demotivated people who hate their job and have no option to quit.


In Web Tree, there are a few principles to solve this problem.


If you positively affect others' lives you get rewards over time. It means companies should be interested in growing their employees. All kinds of mentors will have a personal interest to help people to grow their Imprint in the long run instead of "selling tickets/courses".


Web Tree Imprint doesn't need to take anything from one person to reward another. It means, that extremely efficient options with around zero production costs could generate a big reward even if you cover the basic needs of people who don't work 9-5 today.

Another thing is that there is no connection between the amount of time you spend and the reward you get. The only important thing is your impact on other people.


Let's imagine the company or group of companies (Unions) that have a BootCamp for people with all conditions to find their dream job, get all the required skills, join together, and build their startups.

In the financial system, the closest thing could be "startup incubators". But it takes a percentage of the future company. And such kinds of incubators work only with "ready" specialists.

In Web Tree, such kinds of companies can work with any skill level people and any positive end result will count. These companies could take homeless people and give them roofs and food, help to get specializations, and become a part of society. And in the same time, these companies could take the smartest people from their 9-5 jobs to join them in groups to solve the hardest world problems.