This project connects together different sources to identify how much can we trust some person, company, or information. For simplicity, we will describe it all as Union in the text.

Any knowledge about a Union affects a trust-credit of the Union. Every type of knowledge has a different effect.

For example, if we know about an author of a youtube channel with 1 million subscribers or we see a company with good cooperation history or we see the information, published in a scientific journal with a good reputation, the trust-credit will be the high level. On another side, if we see an anonymous person, just a registered company, or post on social media from just a registered person, the trust credit will be around zero. In the first situation, it's much more time to rebuild such a trust level and in case of bad behavior, it's harder to collect 1 million subscribers on youtube than register a new account on social media.

The main principle of trust-credit is hard to get and easy to lose.