Web Tree Workflow

Basic definitions

  • Impact - a parameter that increases when we affect other people in a positive way.

  • Pressure - a parameter that increases when we affect other people in a negative way.

  • Imprint - a difference between Impact and Pressure.

There are a few basic principles to fit the Workflow

  1. We reward people who make our lives better.

  2. If person A limits other people to get what they want it increases Pressure on person A.

  3. The amount of Impact one side gets as a reward doesn't depend on the amount of pressure another side gets. But it depends on the Imprint of people who use the service.

  4. Imprint and Pressure changes are not final and could change over time and/or algorithms were changed because of abuse, fairness, and new data coming.


  • Example one:

    • Person A is a taxi driver. Person B call the taxi through the application. The following changes of Pressure and Impact will be applied after the ride:

      • Person B (passenger) gets the pressure according to depends on:

        • The amount of fuel was spent on the ride

        • A number of people wait for the ride at the same time

      • Person A (taxi driver) and Application creators

        • Gets the Impact for the ride, which correlated with Person B Imprint.

  • Example two:

    • Person X writes good quality content on Wikipedia.

      • Other people read the article written by Person X. They don't get any pressure.

      • Person X gets Imprint when people read the article.

      • Over time, if there are a lot of people who read the article:

        • if people who read the article increase their Imprint after the reading compared to people who didn't the author gets an Impact increase

        • if people decrease the Imprint - the author gets a Pressure increase.