For personal usage

This service gives control of your personal data. You can safely store, provide and see the usage of your data.

For companies

You don't need to store the personal data of your users and think about regulations. You just request the data when you need it.

Usecase example

Let's imagine we order food and do some shopping in different services. We enter our address in each of them. And it could be 5-10 different websites that have your home address.

There are a few problems with it:

  1. 1.
    Your address will leak if any of the services will be hacked.

  2. 2.
    Each of the services needs to spend a lot of resources to protect your personal data. And you pay for it.

  3. 3.
    If you move to a new address it's annoying to update all the services and it's a high chance to order something from the old address.

In the case of usage of MyData, the service requests access to your address and then requests it from MyData every time you order something.

If you will update your address on MyData all other services will use your new address when you will create a new order.

Depending on data sensitivity, you can choose the protection of your data and encode them. For example, every request to your data will require a confirmation from your mobile device and would be impossible without it.

Web Tree integration

Web Tree uses MyData Union to store information about the devices, people's public keys, and IP addresses.

For validating personal data, MyData uses Proof Union.

Trust uses MyData with signatures from Proof.