Project name history

The idea of the project started from the early Web 2.0 from the thought "What will be the next after 2.0" and the logical answer "Web 3.0!". ๐Ÿ˜„ And the name of the project sounds similar to "Web-3".

Initial idea

The initial idea of the project was the social network for connecting the employees with employers and helping both sides win. We had to save the history of companies and people who work there. On the one side, such a system can help us understand if a person we want to hire has the required skills for us. And help to understand to people if a company is a worthy and a good place to work from another side. And we needed to have some fair "ranking" system to make it work.

This concept very quickly brings us to the understanding that if we have a good ranking system we won't the money will be obsolete. And at this moment the original idea about "just another social network" was transformed into "an alternative for the financial system".


V1 - branch, node, root. 2006-2010

The first version of the Web Tree was made on HTML/CSS and PHP.

It was a few reasons the project wasn't successful at all:

  • The concept was too raw. It was a lot of unanswered questions.

  • The technology level wasn't enough to store and process a big amount of data at that time.

  • It was only one person with small experience in development who try to build everything alone.

V2 - cloud, enthusiasts. 2017-2020

After a few years of planning, developing the concept and building the required experience, the development of the Web-Tree was started again.

This time we already started to build a developers team, registered non-profit organisation, run everything on the cloud with the latest technologies.

We built successfully a couple of MVPs of our services.

But still, we had some problems:

  • People didn't stay with us for a long time, because we weren't able to pay them as a non-profit organization but say about reward in the future (we couldn't run as a profit company and pay taxes because in this case, the current financial system can fight with us using the taxes). The concept was developed pretty well, but it was too complicated for people to understand. It took about 2-3 hours to explain the basic things.

  • We worked only with developers and didn't want to build a marketing team (so, nobody knows us).

  • Our solution still was centralized and it could be easily banned.

  • COVID drops the number of people in the team to around zero.

V3 - decentralization, crypto, cooperations. 2022-.....

We did our homework. And now we know how to solve these problems

  • Reward people now: people with Imprint will be able to get crypto tokens and exchange them to any other crypto on exchanges or sell them to fiat. Extracting the tokens increases pressure, so people can get only a limited number of tokens.

  • For places that require decentralization, we gonna use existing blockchains and develop our own decentralized network for non-blockchain solutions.

  • A lot of people now believe the old financial system doesn't work in the modern world and need to be modified.