The only right way to do your life better - make the world better. Any other solutions do not scale.

The financial system, for now, is one of the biggest problems in the world because it affects resource distribution.

The global problems Web Tree solves:

  • Rewards

    • A reward for one person should be possible without taking this reward from someone else.

    • A reward should be connected to value creation

  • Big corp

    • Planned obsolescence

    • Huge budgets for the advertisements

    • The best winning strategy to be a monopoly

    • Closed patents

  • Government

    • There is no correlation between people's skills in winning the election

    • There is a correlation between the amount of money spent on the election and a winning rate

    • There is no responsibility for good decisions, there is no additional reward for good decisions. It means the quality of decisions doesn't play a big role in politics.

    • Starting of war should affect all responsible people regardless of the war result.