What is Webtree?

If you are doing something useful for society, it will do something useful in return. Our target is to describe the world that we are going to see in the future.

And we're creating systems gives opportunity to this rule work.

About main project

Web Tree is non-commercial organization. Our aim is to make the future better changing our present life gradually with the help of non-failing plan.

What is more, our goal is to create a new alternative financial system without any drawbacks comparing to existed ones.

To achieve this big goal we need to create a set of different projects,which will have a value inherent in themselves.

When our projects can be connected together we will be able to get the target and create successful financial system that helps to overcome all the disadvantages of existing ones.

What do I use in my life?

Sharing and accumulating information about all useful things you have helps you to benefit in life.



Can we trust you? Can you trust others?

We are looking for the reasonable objectives to trust.

The main point is our losses must be higher than our profits in case of betray.


Who uses my data?

The aim of the project is to store your personal data in one place.