Web Tree is...

...independent reward system

Everyone should be rewarded for the value they bring to the world. And this reward should be independent of the ability of someone to pay.

Web Tree is a way to make an agreement between people about what is valuable to us and how we want to reward people who make our lives better.

...truly decentralized

Web Tree runs on every device - mobile, browser, PC, server, etc. Every person in the world should be able to be a part of Web Tree with any device. Any device resources should be shareable. Every single person should be capable to support the network and get rewards for it.

...here to stay for long

We are flexible and evolvable. Immutable history with mutable rules motivates everyone to play long or lose. Web Tree itself will change and evolve over time. Comparing companies, countries, or ideologies which often near impossible to adapt its rules to the dynamically changing world.

Web Tree building blocks


Join people who want to act and get rewards together. Every Union has its own rules.


Show how valuable a given person or Union.


Answer the question "How much we can trust to person, Union or information"


Single source of proofs. Automatic or people-based. Proofs can have a different veracity.


Our decentralized way to store and process an information. Other "building blocks" live here.


Crypto-currency with emission based on Imprint. Can be used for using Web Tree services by people have not enough Imprint.